Be #FDNYSmart In the Snow

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February 6, 2017
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Be #FDNYSmart In the Snow

Photo credit:Michael Appleton/ Mayoral Photography Office

Hi Friends!  I love winter!  Especially when it snows! If we get enough snow Thursday, that means fun winter activities like sledding, snowball fights and building snowmen.

But we also have to remember to be #FDNYSmart.  Here are some tips for you and your grownup to follow to stay safe.

Before the storm it is important to do the following:

  • Stock up on essential groceries, make sure you have your shovels out and some ice melt ready to go.
  •  Prepare power outage kit complete with candles and flashlights in case your area loses electricity.  Read more tips here.
  • If using a space heater, be sure your heater automatically shuts off to prevent fires and never use an extension cord to plug it in. Read more safety tips here.
  • Stay away from your space heater to prevent being burned and watch that your furry friends stay away from it too!

During the storm you really should stay indoors until it is safe to go outside.  Once it ends and it’s time to go outside to shovel, remember to help your grownup by sharing the following tips:

  • Bend your legs and don’t lift with your back when shoveling.
  • Dress warmly and cover all your extremities, especially your ears, nose, hands, and feet!
  • Be sure to sprinkle some ice melt on your sidewalks to help prevent ice from forming.
  • If you get too tired or run out of breath, stop shoveling and go warm up inside. It’s okay to take a break and catch your breath.

For more information about the weather and what to do to stay safe, you can check in with the New York City Office of Emergency Management.

And don’t forget to lend a paw to your elderly neighbors by checking in on them!  Know that by practicing these #FDNYSmart tips, you can be sure you and your loved ones stay safe and enjoy all the fun the snow has to offer.  Let it snow!

Photo Courtesy: Michael Appleton/ Mayoral Photography Office