Firefighters have to be prepared for any situation, and sometimes they need special tools and assistance. The Special Response Team is standing by to offer critical aid, communications and tools to firefighters battling large or out-of-the-ordinary fires.

Brush Fire
  Brush fire personnel use four-wheel-drive, all-terrain vehicles to reach hilly, remote and marshy areas to extinguish fires involving weeds, grass and other vegetation. Along with regular firefighting equipment, they carry their own water, as well as rakes, shovels, and backpack extinguishers.
  Water is not always the best substance for extinguishing a fire; large fires involving flammable liquids (such as gasoline) require the response of a pumper-type truck specially equipped to spray foam. The foam acts as a blanket to prevent oxygen from feeding the flames of the burning liquid.
Thawing Apparatus
  Because most of the biggest and worst fires occur during the coldest days of winter, hoses and equipment often freeze over. The Thawing Apparatus is a mobile utility van with a portable steam-generating boiler; it's super-heated steam melts the ice off the hoses, ladders and tower ladders.
Tactical Support
  The many large storage compartments of the Tactical Support Unit truck hold specialized tools and equipment not usually carried by other firefighters, such as: special chainsaws for underwater use, powerful electric generators, portable pontoon boats, a telescoping light tower, and night-vision goggles.