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Thank you for contacting the FDNY’s CPR Unit! CPR saves lives!

Our mission is to educate residents of NYC with the skills needed to save a life in the event of a cardiac arrest or heart attack. The FDNY Mobile CPR Training Unit is designed and equipped to travel throughout NYC and provide CPR classes at no cost. These classes are offered to groups or organizations, at their venue and must not be a personal residence. An AHA accredited instructor will teach compression only CPR (on adults only mannequins) with automated external defibrillation (AED) usage. It is a non certification class that combines audio/visual instruction with hands on participation. Each class size ranges from 15- 50 people and takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete. Larger groups can be accommodated by adding additional classes which would occur consecutively.

Important Information: Submission of your request does not constitute a confirmation of our attendance at your event. Scheduling is on a first request, first serve basis. Your request must be a minimum of 14 days from the date of this request.

Table Set-Up is a traditional classroom type training session, that need be arranged at your place of venue. We will arrive prior to our scheduled start time to test the audio/video equipment, if utilized, and to display the mannequins. The class will begin at your scheduled time and include instructor led education with hands on practice.

Presentation is geared towards fairs with larger groups, where there is no set time for instruction. We will arrive prior to the scheduled time and set a number of mannequins out for your guests. Once the event commences, your guests are free to take a place beside a mannequin where our instructors will commence teaching compression only CPR to that group. As one group leaves another group can take an empty spot and this will continue throughout your event

Upon receiving the required information, we will send you a confirmation email stating your event has been officially scheduled or if an alternate date is needed. If you have special instructions, please include them in the “comments” box.

Frequently Asked Question:

1On completion of the class, will I be certified?
At this time, we only offer compression only non-certification CPR.
2Will I be giving rescue breaths?
This class is for hands only instruction, with AED usage.
2What is the age range?
The recommended age range is 12 and older.
2How long is each class?
Classes are on average 45 minutes. the larger the class the more time needed so that every person has an opportunity with the mannequins.
2COVID is still a concern for me, what precautions are taken?
We follow department recommendations, while not required, at this time, we can observe mask usage. Our mannequins are disinfected after each usage.
2How soon can I schedule an event?
It is recommended that you make your request a minimum of two weeks prior to your event. If your event is within 2 weeks of your request date will make every effort to accommodate your request.
2How many people can attend a class?
We need a minimum of 15 people per class, with a maximum of 50 for 1-hour long session. Multiple classes can run consecutively for larger groups.
2I'm hosting a fair and not sure of the amount of people?
We can accommodate your event by attending for a few hours. Please give details of the event in the comments section of your request form.

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