FDNY Fire Safety Education Team Wants You To Be #FDNYSmart

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April 7, 2017
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FDNY Fire Safety Education Team Wants You To Be #FDNYSmart

In light of the recent fatal fire in Queens that tragically killed 5 people, including three children, the FDNY’s Fire Safety Education team is out in full force teaching the importance of being #FDNYSmart. Did you know that having working smoke alarms in your home cuts your chances of dying in a fire nearly in half?

Well, it’s true! Smoke alarms let everyone in your house know that there is a fire. That’s why it’s incredibly important to have smoke alarms on all floors of your home, one is simply not enough!
Be #FDNYSmart and follow these tips in having a working smoke alarm.  It can save your life!

  • Install a smoke alarm on every floor of your home including your basement.
  • Smoke alarms should be in the center of a room on the ceiling, 4 inches from a wall.
  • You should always have a smoke alarm near where you sleep.

Carbon monoxide is also very dangers.  You can’t see it or smell it.  That’s why a carbon monoxide detector is important to have.  A carbon monoxide detector will sound when there are dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in your home. You and your family should get out immediately and call 911 for help

A very important tip is that alarms with removable batteries should be replaced with ones that contain sealed 10 year batteries as soon as possible.  If you do have alarms with removable batteries, a good rule of thumb is to change them twice a year when you change your clocks.

Preventing fires is a top priority.  But it is also important to know what to do if there is a fire.  It is also a good idea to practice having an escape plan with your family.  Creating an escape plan and practicing it can help keep you and your family safe.  Developing an easy to remember plan can keep everyone form harm.  To learn more about creating an escape plan click here.

Working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are the first line of defense to keeping you and your loved ones safe.  Be #FDNYSmart and make sure all your alarms are properly installed and up to date.  You can get more information on smoke alarms here.