Fire engines carry the hoses, nozzles, and firefighters necessary to pump water onto the fire to put it out.

  There are five water intakes located around the engine. They connect to hoses that bring water from a fire hydrant into the fire engine's water pump.
Pump Panel
  The pump panel controls the pressure of water coming out of the fire engine and going into the hoses. If there is too much pressure, the hoses can become uncontrollable. If there is too little pressure, there won't be enough water to put out the fire.
Hose Bed
  Fire engines carry different sizes of hose for different types of fires. The hoses are flat when they aren't filled with water, and are folded and stacked on top of each other inside the hose bed.
Lights & Sirens
  The sirens can make two different sounds and be heard from blocks away. Fire engines have flashing and rotating lights on top of the cabs, with additional lights at the front, back, and sides.