Sitting by the fireplace after a long day or enjoying some hot coco by the fire during the holidays is such a wonderful experience. However, fireplaces can pose a grave danger to your home and loved ones. It’s a necessity to make sure that no sparks can escape the fireplace and that no young children can stick their hands into the flames and get burnt.

Stay #FDNYsmart by following these fireplace safety tips:

  • Be sure that all fireplaces’ openings are covered by a heavy, metal screen or covered by glass door. If this is not the case, sparks and glowing embers from the fire could fly out of the flames, causing a fire (or a burn!)
  • Furniture, fabrics, and newspapers are just some of the household items that are susceptible to both sparks and heat from the fire. Be sure to keep them far away from all fireplaces in your home.
  • f the fireplace is being used, be sure to keep the flu open all the way. There needs to be adequate ventilation for the smoke and carbon monoxide that fires release. Also, only burn wood that has not been painted, shellacked, varnished or pressure-treated.
  • ALWAYS make sure that the fire been extinguished before you leave your home or go to sleep? Shovel ashes into a 5-gallon bucket of water (not a trash bag), and carry the bucket outside for proper disposal.
  • It’s important to check that the chimney been inspected and cleaned recently. Ask an adult—dirty and broken chimneys can start fires on their own.