Around 10 thousand people are medically treated for fireworks-related injuries every year.

Did you know? More often than not, it’s the bystanders who sustain fireworks-related injuries.

Almost half of all fireworks injuries occur among children ages 14 and younger.

The parts of the body most often injures are: hands and fingers, eyes, and head and face.

More than half of the injuries involve burns. It’s pretty common to think of sparklers as harmless fireworks that are safe for children, but that’s not true! Can you believe this: sparklers can heat up to 1800 degrees – that’s hot enough to melt gold! – and can easily start clothing on fire.

It’s actually a crime to use or explode any fireworks in New York City. Any person possessing, using or exploding any fireworks in the city is guilty of a criminal misdemeanor.

If you’re concerned about a neighbor using fireworks, or the delivery and/or sale of fireworks, you can call 311 anonymously.