Tea lights or glow sticks make for safer jack-o-lanterns.

Halloween is a favorite time of year for all kids, and their parents, too! Here are some ways you can enjoy this special holiday while staying safe.

  • Make sure your costume is brightly-colored. And your treat bag, too! Have your parents put reflective strips on your costume, so it’s easier for drivers to see you in the dark.
  • Check to make sure your costume and accessories are flame-resistant. That will help keep you safe from fire.
  • Carry a flashlight to help you see.
  • While those treats sure do look yummy, make sure you examine each and every one before you eat them. Be on the lookout for tampering and choking hazards.
  • Make sure you’re with a trusted adult when you’re trick-or-treating. Never go into someone’s home by yourself.
  • Look both ways when you cross the street and only cross at street corners.
  • When carving pumpkins, it’s best to let the adults do the carving. And always remind grown ups to use tea lights or glow sticks in your pumpkins, instead of a burning candle.
Halloween Decorations

Be aware that hay, straw, dry cornstalks and other dry Autumn and Halloween decorations are highly flammable. And, don’t overload electrical outlets or extension cords with holiday lighting or special effects. Keep exits clear of decorations. Finally, don’t block your escape route!