Request a Presentation, FDNY Fire Safety Education Program

Thank you for reaching out to the FDNY Fire Safety Education Unit.

Our mission is to convey and promote the importance of fire and life safety education. We thrive to educate the public with critical life and saving strategies that focuses on fire prevention, and we do this in the form of presentations and table set-ups; we do not conduct training sessions or demonstrations.

Important Information: When you provide us with a telephone number please be sure to give us a number we could connect with you on the day prior to the event taking place and the day of the event. We utilize this number in the event we encounter any difficulties. We want to contact you directly (a cell number is preferred). This number will not be shared by any other organization.

If you are seeking to schedule a table set-up, please be sure to provide us with the exact address of where the table set-up will take place. You may provide additional instructions in the “comments” box. Table set-ups consist of distributing fire safety literature and promotional items. Table set-ups consist of distributing fire safety literature and promotional items available at the time. Please know, we do not provide table set-ups for under two hours; events must be for two plus hours. We do not conduct presentations at table set-ups unless the set-up is appropriate for the educator to receive the full and undivided attention of the audience.

If you are seeking a presentation, please know our presentations are typically 35 minutes in length (approximately one hour with Q&A), and we do not provide a table set-up. When we conduct a presentation, we distribute educational/fire safety literature.

If you are seeking a virtual presentation, most virtual platforms will work for us, except for googlemeets. The firewall securities established by the Department of Education leads us to having technical difficulties on our end. We advise utilizing a different platform.

Upon receiving the required information, we will send you a confirmation email (within 48 hours) stating your event has been officially scheduled or that an alternate date is needed. If you have special instructions, please include them in the “comments” box.

Once your event is confirmed, if you have to cancel the event, please be sure to notify us as soon as possible to the email which you received the confirmation. We designate a sizeable amount of resources, staff and time to make your event successful. It is our goal to have great working relations with you during this event and in the future.

For school presentations only: We present to Kindergarten students and above only; NO EXCEPTIONS. If you are requesting multiple class presentations, please provide us with three dates. You may provide us with multiple dates in the “comments” box. Since we may not be able to present to all classes on the same day, we may need to break up the classes into different days. We typically present up to 12 classes per day. Depending on the number of classes we address, will determine the number of educators and resources we need to allocate. Also, know that the educator(s) will go from class to class, simultaneously, and back-to-back (no breaks are needed); therefore upon their arrival, please provide the educator(s) with a schedule indicating which class they will instruct first, second, etc. Please provide us with the schedule, so that we can ensure it meets our needs. The presentations are typically 30 minutes in length or a class period; however, we can curtail the presentation lengths to meet your needs.

Thank you for your assistance and cooperation.

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