Unattended candles start many preventable fires that sadly lead to tragic fire deaths. Often, the fire is sparked by things that easily catch on fire.  This includes curtains or paper being left too close to the flame.

If you burn candles for decorative, ritual or other purposes, do so safely by:

  • Putting candles out before leaving a room.
  • Placing candles at least four feet away from all combustibles.  This includes curtains, draperies, decorations, blinds, bedding, papers and books.
  • Refraining from using decorative candle holders, sconces or other combustible materials which may catch fire. Instead, use sturdy metal, glass or ceramic holders, those with protective, non combustible shades or globes are best.
  • Keeping candles away from children and discourage use by teens, especially in bedrooms.
  • Ensuring that candles are out of reach of pets.