Stay Cool & Be #FDNYSmart!

It’s Summer! Stay #FDNYSmart!
June 21, 2017
Join Hot Dog and Siren This Summer!
June 30, 2017
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Stay Cool & Be #FDNYSmart!

Friends! It’s Hot Dog here with an important message.

Now that summer is here, I know we’re all looking for ways to cool down. If you want to use a fire hydrant to beat the heat, make sure to be #FDNYSmart about it!

Don’t open the hydrant yourself. Open hydrants deplete water sources and pressure, making it harder to fight fires. Improper opening of fire hydrants wastes 1,000 gallons of water per minute! In ONE hour, that’s as much water as an ENTIRE FAMILY of FOUR uses in a whole YEAR!

An open hydrant also makes it harder for firefighters’ to fight fires safely & quickly.

Adults can visit a firehouse and request a spray cap. They must be 18+ years of age and show ID. When using a spray cap, stay alert and be mindful of traffic.

And finally, remember to never park your car in front of a fire hydrant! It can delay firefighters from getting water on a fire and that puts lives at risk! If you see a blocked fire hydrant or an improperly opened hydrant, call 311 right away.

Thanks friends! Stay cool this summer and remember to always be #FDNYSmart!